So I was just thinking absout orphan black and how we dont knkw hiw many clones tger are and af one point allison is like “there are probably thousands of us” Buuuut when delphine is talkign with leaky when she just finds cosimas research stuff about the clones she is naming them and when he doesnt seem to remember sarah’s name he is really concerned and im like there is no way hed have memorized thousands of names enough tk be tgat famikiar with them, so I really dont think there are that many more clones bc thered have to be few enough for hin to be super familiar with all of them


womptacular asked:

talk about me for a while bc i'm so great and everyone should know/make me in a doll maker/both i'm greedy

azumummy answered:

OKAY SO LISTEN: im not gonna put this under a break bc this is the story about how i, a simple summer child, met the COOLEST GODDAMN LADY on the planet, and how much i love her to pieces…….

IT AAAALLLL started ages ago, on a warm, sweet summer day in 2006(? citation needed) when i showed up to our summer camp and ended up in the same cabin as one NICOLE [redacted] WOMPTACULAR!!!!!!!! it was a grand occasion, tbh i forget a few of the details bc i am A TRASH FRIEND and also USELESS, but the fact is that in 2008, (bc we went to camp together every year SINCE THAT DAY WE MET IN 2006(? citation needed) to a grand total of three years by this point) we agreed that the next year, upon turning past the 16th anniversary of our births, we would do this fancy shmancy program called Leadership Development Camp (LDC 2009 RULES SUCK MY DIIIIICCCCKK)

two weeks in 2009 we spent doing REALLY COOL AND USEFUL leadership activities, fucking portaging through algonquin park, telling people how great ldc 2009 is, and generally being the coolest cats at the watering hole or whatever the saying is.

we went on to work at this summer camp together to a point of utter exhaustion BUT!!!!!!!! the fact is that being friends with nicole changed me. i met her at a time in my life when things were pretty shitty for me, when i wasnt exactly proud of myself or the things i had decided to do or the people i surrounded myself with but nicole???? nicole was a friend i could be proud of. we never liked all the same things, we were never always in sync, but that didnt matter in the face of how strong our bond was. im gettin real serious and sappy right now, but nicole is the reason im the person i am today, she’s the reason im as happy as i am, and when i get close to bad places, shes the one i know that i can call and talk to about everything. she’s incredibly supportive, unbelievably optimistic, impressively loyal, and amazingly, awesomely, alarmingly wonderful.

nicole is a literal disney princess, she exists in a space of love and joy and care in my heart, she is one of the few people i know that looks strange without a flower crown on her head, and i weep for every day that i went without being friends with her. i am so, so, so lucky to have had her, to have her still, and i can only hope that i will continue to have her on into the future. 

if you dont like nicole i dont like you and im really sorry about that because she’s hella as fuuuuuuccckkk